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When a rash of strange dreams invade the sleep of the Bishop family and their close friend Naomi, Elise Bishop seeks answers. What she finds is Merridell, a land with old-world charm and untold magic, accessible only while in slumber. Over time, Elise and her husband and children learn that they, together with Naomi, are Warriors in this curious territory, harnessing the powers of Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, and Stone to battle against an ancient evil.

Known as the Flynn clan to the Merrish people, the Warriors are drawn to a strange cold fire. They can feel the heartbeat of the malevolent Ashwah, drawing people into its circle of unending dance around the unusual pyre. With the aid of waking-world friends, who have alternate lives in Merridell, the Warriors hone their skills and practice constantly until the full moon rises over the land. Determined to vanquish the malicious entity, the Warriors stand before the strange fire, ready to fight. The people of Merridell stand behind them, supporting them as they face the Ashwah. This will be the battle of the ages.

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